First Time Driver

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This course is designed for those who are you getting their learners permit or drivers license for the first time. The driver’s license written test is not easy and many applicants fail the exam more than once. Records show that in 2009, some states had more than 40,000 failures. By taking this preparatory course, you will be well prepared for the written examination and you would not be overwhelmed from studying the DHSMV Handbook.

Why Choose This Course?

Our instructors are experienced public safety professionals and Drivers License Examiners and are extremely knowledgeable with drivers license laws. They will explain the laws to you in terms you will be able to understand and apply when ready for exam day and while operating a motor vehicle.

our 90 minute live classroom instruction for learner’s permit readiness will also include a practice learner’s permit examination, which contains some of the very same questions as the actual DHSMV written examination.

For just $45.00, you will be confident and prepared to pass your learners examination. Be Prepared for your driver’s license test and PASS the first time!

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