Court Ordered

Court Ordered Classes

Our Anger Management and Juvenile Offender courses are designed for individuals who need to take court ordered courses for court ordered requirements, personal reasons, or at the request of their employer. Our online courses are affordable and allows you the convenience of logging in and out when you choose to.

Why Online Court Ordered Classes?

Often, it is inconvenient to attend anger management, drug, or domestic violence classes due to travel distances, a busy schedule, and other life commitments. Our online course allows you learn the same anger control tools as our in person classes but in a low-stress, convenient, affordable and self-paced environment. This course is ideal for court, personal or employer requirements. We will email or mail your Certificate of Completion when you finish! Simple!

Our anger management course is approved by the State of Florida. This Course is a court ordered course and is now available ONLINE. This course will meet your court required education requirement for Florida Anger Management 4-hour course. Take it NOW!

Juvenile Offender

This is a four hour live classroom Florida State Approved course offered in Panama City at our training center once a month unless scheduled by appointment. This course will cover statistics, understanding speed, how vision affects our driving, Reaction Time, Driver warning signs, Secret for safe driving, loss of license-Point System, night time driving, stopping distance, what causes a collision, motorcycles & bicycles, driving in the rain, and alcohol & drugs.

Who needs this course?

A person between the ages of 15 and 25 years old who has been court ordered to do so.
Cost: $50.00 Call us at 850-769-1010 to register for next available class or to schedule an appointment. You can also pay online by viewing the calendar on the right of this page, or clicking here.