Live Traffic Classes

Live Traffic Classes

My Florida Training and Testing Center offers a variety of courses and live classes to include Florida Online Traffic School, Ticket Classes, Live Traffic Classes, TCAC / Traffic Collision Avoidance Course, First Time Driver Class, 3N3, and Florida Learners Permit Examination. We also offer Court ordered classes such as Advanced Driving Improvement (ADI / 12 hour / HTO). Ask about our individual/private sessions 850-769-1010.

4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course (Ticket Class & TCAC)

$45 – Classroom – Check calendar for dates/times.
$35 – Online – Also available on DVD for just $45.00
$70 – Private Session (you pick the time/day of week)

4-Hour First Time Driver Course

$45 – Check calendar
$35 – Online (Course Only)
$30 – DMV Test Only

8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement Course (DWLSR)

$75.00 – Classroom – Check calendar for dates/times or call 850-769-1010 for an appointment.
$60.00 – Online course only.
$100.00 – Classroom/Private (you pick the day/time of week)

12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI) – for Point Suspension

$125.00 – Classroom – Check calendar
$90.00 – Online Price
$150.00 – Private Session (you pick the time/day of week) call 850-769-1010, for an appointment
Instruction by Certified Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, & EMS Personnel.

Other Courses

Live Classes

DHSMV Learners License Prep Exam Course

Our DHSMV Learners License Exam Prep Course is designed for those who have never been licensed and are trying to obtain a Florida drivers license.

Our DHSMV Learners License Exam Prep Course Instructors are public safety professionals and active/former driver’s license examiners who are extremely knowledgeable with driver’s license laws. They will review the DHSMV handbook and explain drivers license laws in terms that you will be able to understand and apply on exam day and while operating a motor vehicle.

Our DHSMV Learners Exam Prep Course consists of questions similar to those found on the DHSMV Road Rules Test and Road Signs Test. Some of these questions may or may not appear on your DHSMV exam, but they are taken directly out of the recommended study guide, the DHSMV Handbook, which is what makes up the DHSMV examination.

Reports indicated that some states had over 40,000 failures last year on the drivers license exam. Don’t spend hours trying to interpret the DHSMV manual and take a chance on having to retake the test several times. The DHSMV charges $20.00 for every time you fail the test. Our DHSMV Learners License Exam Prep Course is a 90 minute course and cost just $45.00. Pass the FIRST TIME and know how to interpret and apply your laws when operating a motor vehicle!

To date, our success rate is 100%! Every student has successfully passed their exam after completing our prep course. We are excited about that, but what is more rewarding is knowing that we are giving you the knowledge to understand and apply these drivers license laws which will make you a safe and responsible driver.

Take the DHSMV written examination with confidence and PASS the First time!

3 in 3 Crash Course

My Florida Training and Testing Center is an approved DHSMV school and offers this course.

Three Crashes in Three Years Law:
Effective January 1, 2010, section 322.0261(1)(c) requires that if you were convicted of, or plead nolo contendre to, your third traffic offense that caused a crash within 36 months, you must complete a department approved driver improvement course that includes behind-the-wheel training and an assessment of your driving ability.

The department notifies you of this requirement based on a qualifying third at-fault crash occurring on or after January 1, 2010. The notification directs you to complete the course within 90 days to avoid driver license cancellation.

What you must do to avoid driver license cancellation:

• Complete 12 hours of the 3-in-3 Crash Course or an approved advanced driver improvement course (ADI).
• Receive 4-hours of behind-the-wheel training from My Florida Training and Testing Center
• Pass the extended road test with a DL examiner at the Division of Drivers License office.

Insurance Discount Course (Senior Driver Improvement)
The insurance discount class is to help drivers over the age of 55 within the state of Florida maintain their safe and defensive driving skills, obtain auto insurance discounts, understand their abilities and learn techniques to compensate for changes.

This course is six (6) hours and can be taken online or in a live classroom. Please check our course calendar for next available class or call 850-769-1010, to make an appointment. This course may also be court-ordered for seniors as a Defensive Driver Training Course. Per Florida Statute 627.0652, individuals who have completed the course will be eligible for a Mandatory Insurance Discount, which will be valid for three (3) years.

This is a six hour live classroom Florida State Approved course offered in Panama City at our training center once a month unless scheduled by appointment. This course will cover statistics, understanding speed, how vision affects our driving, Reaction Time, Driver warning signs, Secret for safe driving, loss of license-Point System, night time driving, stopping distance, what causes a collision, motorcycles & bicycles, driving in the rain, and alcohol & drugs.